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How to extend the service life of wire cutting machine
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Date: 2016-09-24
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In the process of using the line cutting machine, how can we extend the service life of the machine? We generally pay attention to these seven points

In the process of using the line cutting machine, how can we extend the service life of the machine? We generally pay attention to these seven points, the following Xiaobian will briefly introduce the seven tips for you. 1. When cutting the specimen, the feed speed can be adjusted according to the hardness of the rock before work. In the cutting process, the feed speed may be adjusted to appear knife marks.

2, when working, start the main motor first, and then press the work into the button, start cutting, because the rock is irregular shape, at this time the feeding speed is slow, until all the blade blade into the rock sample, can be a little faster.

3. When clamping irregular rocks, it can be clamped by top pressure method. The clamping method is shown in Book 1. Clamping steps: 8 flat on the worktable sample first, and then move the top pressure fixture along the T slot into 3, 10 selected fixture and the distance of the sample, locking screw clamp base, push rod bolts 13 to move up and down to select reliable clamping point, and then move the plunger 11 locking nut, then rotate the plunger, until the plunger top sample die, and tighten the screw nut 12, Prevent the jacking rod from loosening during cutting.

4. When cutting core samples, if the number of rocks is large, several pieces of rock samples can be pressed with the attached long pressure plate and cut together to improve work efficiency. The clamping method is shown in Figure 2, and the steps are as follows: Put the sample 8 flat on the table 6, pressure plate bolt along the T slot 3 will be inserted, one end of the long board 9 into workbench in the vertical plane of square hole, 7 and turn adjusting screw clamp bolt nut 10, the sample can be pressure, such as diameter core sample size is a bit error, can add a thin bar on sample board, make long clamp can pressure to the sample. This method is also applied to the clamping of cuboid and cube rock samples.

5. Switch on the power, press the host button, and see if the blade turns in the same direction as the arrow. If the reverse adjustment immediately. After the inspection is completed, the rock sample can be clamped for cutting. When the rock sample is clamped, reliable clamping points should be selected to prevent the phenomenon of virtual clamping and false clamping. In order to avoid damage to the tool and rock sample due to rock channeling in the cutting process.

6, Cutting machine automatic advance and retreat knife, when the cutter along the table movement to the terminal, can automatically back to the beginning, and automatically stop moving. If you need to go back in the process of work, press the quick back button on the console. Fast retreat needs to move forward, press the work into the button can also feed. No matter feeding or retreating, press the stop button to stop the cutter moving. When working, if it is found that the cutter is far from the rock sample, you can press the fast forward button (hold it down) or move the fast forward, and release the button when the blade is close to the rock sample. Then press the work into the button, the normal cut. This can shorten the auxiliary feeding time. The feed transmission of this machine is shown in figure 3.

7. After the installation of the cutting machine, connect the power supply to check whether the rotation of each part of the machine is flexible and whether the fasteners are loose. Source: China Machine Tool Business Network

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